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Single Sided Fixed Hubsets

RRP £293.33

Front Hole Count
Front Hub Axle
Rear Hole Count
Rear Hub Axle
Rear Hub Spacing
Single Sided Fixed hubs have only space for one fixed gear and lockring on one side of the hub. The flanges are spaced slightly wider than our standard track hubs, allowing for a slightly stronger wheel build. There are slots cut into the flanges to take a bit of weight out of them.Cogs are sold seperately, they are not included

Technical information

  • Brand: Profile Racing
  • Colour: Black, Polished
  • Front Hole Count: 28h, 32h, 36h
  • Front Hub Axle: 10mm True
  • Rear Hole Count: 28h, 32h, 36h
  • Rear Hub Axle: 10mm True, 14mm True
  • Rear Hub Spacing: 120mm, 130mm, 135mm
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