Limited Edition

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Profile Racing periodically produce limited editions of products throughout the year. 

The lines normally include Hubsets, Sprockets and Stems, these colours are strictly limited and once the colour has sold it will not be repeated. 

Bark Cloth Mini Hubset 

The Second limited Edition of 2015, was the Jake Seeley inspired Bark Cloth.  This floral design was so popular that the RHD and LHD Mini Hubsets that we received sold out within one day!

water camo

Water Camo

The Water Camo released in 2014, was the idea of Profile Racing USA rider Ricky Moseley. This colour was available in the Mini Hubset, Elite Hubset, Push Stem and Spline Drive Sprocket. Hubsets are now sold out, but limited amount of stems available.

gator hubs

Gator Hubs

Mid 2013 Profile Racing released the Gator Hubset, this was influenced by Profile Racing USA rider Mark Mulville and because of the fact that Alligators roam wild in Florida. This colour was very popular and the limited numbers sold out very quickly.

Reverse cotton candy

Reverse Cotton Candy

Exactly a year after the the cotton candy colour, Summer 2013, Profile racing released the reverse cotton candy colour, so Pink with Blue, again influenced by Jarid Eberwein and again sold out very quickly.

Military elite

Military Elite

In Early 2014 the Matte Military Green colour was released, and only a handful of Elite Hubset were ever made. These are now completely sold out. But there are some other parts in this colour still available, including Mini Hubsets, Push Stems and Spline Drive Sprockets.

Rasta Rear TN

Rasta Rear TN

The Rasta hubsets were released early 2013, and were only made in the mini hub style. The was only 110 sets available world wide and only about 20 sets ever made it over to Europe, these sold out very quickly and are now not available.


Real Tree Front Mini

Back in 2012 the Matt Camo, Real Tree colour was released, this was influenced by Profile Racing USA rider Mark Mulville, this was a wrap and was very limited, now completely sold out.