Spline Drive Sprocket Installation

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To install the Profile Spline Drive Sprocket, all you will need is your crank bolt and washer, an Allen key to fit the crank bolt, and two of the thick flat washers that were included with your crank set.

If you are missing the flat washers, they are available in our online store. Applying grease or copper anti-seize to the spindle is recommended. The pictures show the install off the bike, but you must have the spindle in the bottom bracket when you install your Spline Drive Sprocket.

Step 1

Remove the drive side crank arm from the bottom bracket spindle. If you are installing the sprocket on a brand new spindle, go ahead and install the non-drive side crank arm first.

Spline Derive Sprocket Installation 1

Step 2

Place the Spline Drive Sprocket on the spindle, followed by the two flat washers, and the crank bolt washer and crank bolt.

Spline Derive Sprocket Installation 2

Step 3

Tighten the crank bolt down. You may have to centre the flat washers on the spindle as you tighten the crank bolt down, but the Spline Drive Sprocket should slide smoothly onto the spindle as you tighten the crank bolt.

Spline Derive Sprocket Installation 3

Step 4

When the crank bolt is completely tightened, remove it and the flat washers, and the Spline Drive Sprocket will now be installed far enough onto the spindle that you can install the drive side crank arm normally. As you tighten the crank arm down, it will press the SDS the rest of the way into its proper position.