Hub Overhaul

When your Profile cranks or 
hubs are assembled here... 


...we use bearing presses and tools made specifically for the part they are used on.

Obviously, very few people are going to have these tools in their homes, and not many shops will have them either, so if you need new bearings, your options are limited. Your best option is to send your hub(s) in to use and let us rebuild them. We charge very fair prices and have a pretty fast turnaround time. The next best option is to take them to a bike shop that has mechanics that are familiar with working on Profile products. If you insist on performing the service yourself, and I know that many of you will, we provide these instructions to you.

BMX Mini Cassette Hub:

Non-drive locknut
Non-drive cone spacer
Driver o-ring
Hub body
Ratchet ring
Hub bearings ( #6903) (2)
Driver bearings 
(#6802) (4)
Driver spacer
14mm axle
Springs (4)
Pawls (4)
Drive-side locknut

hub explod big

The instructions on the following pages aren’t guaranteed, and they aren’t the best way to install bearings that exists, but they are, in our opinion, the best way for someone who doesn’t have access to a bearing press to service our products. They are better by a long shot than using a hammer and a piece of wood to bash bearings back into your hub shells. (Don’t ever use a hammer and a piece of wood to bash any sealed bearing into any bicycle part. Trust me.)