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Mini Race Cassette 3/8" 10mm Hub

RRP £223.95

Bolt Options
Drive Side
Driver Material
Driver Size
Profile Racing's 10mm Mini Cassette is the hub that every other BMX hub wants to be. Made in USA.

The SS Mini Cassette Hub features:

High/low flange cassette hub

Choice of 9T through 18T rear cog (9-10-11T cog/driver)9T is 1/8" Chain Only. 10T and up is compatible with 1/8" or 3/32" chain.

10mm Female axle (14mm male listed separately). 

4 pawl engagement mechanism with CNC machined drivers in CrMo or optional Ti

Available in RHD or LHD

It is important to also replace your chain whenever you install a new driver. A worn, stretched chain will cause your driver to wear out much faster.

Technical information

  • Bolt Options: 10mm Allen Bolts with 14mm Adaptor, 10mm Allen Bolts with Volcano Washers, 10mm Button Bolts, 10mm Button Bolts Titanium, 10mm Hex Bolts, 10mm Titanium Allen Bolts with Volcano Washers, 10mm-14mm Button Bolt/14mm Button Peg Bolt, 10mm-14mm Button Bolts, 10mm-14mm Button Bolts Titanium, 10mm-14mm Button Peg Bolts, 10mm-14mm Hex Bolt/14mm Hex Peg Bolt, 10mm-14mm Hex Bolts, 10mm-14mm Hex Peg Bolts
  • Brand: Profile Racing
  • Colour: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Matt Black, Polished, Purple, Red, White
  • Drive Side: LHD, RHD
  • Driver Material: Aluminium (12t-18t), Chromo, Titanium
  • Driver Size: 10t, 11t, 12t, 13t, 14t, 15t, 16t, 17t, 18t, 9t