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3/8" Mini/Totem Rear Conversion Kit

RRP £69.75

Axle Material
Bolt Options
The rear conversion kit contains 2 bolts of your choice with 2 CrMo washers, 2 cone spacers (drive side and non) and 1 aluminium center or chromo axle.

Technical information

  • Axle Material: Aluminium, Chromoly
  • Bolt Options: 10mm Allen Bolts with 14mm Adaptor, 10mm Allen Bolts with Volcano Washers, 10mm Button Bolts, 10mm Button Bolts Titanium, 10mm Hex Bolts, 10mm Titanium Allen Bolts with Volcano Washers, 10mm-14mm Button Bolt/14mm Button Peg Bolt, 10mm-14mm Button Bolts, 10mm-14mm Button Bolts Titanium, 10mm-14mm Button Peg Bolts, 10mm-14mm Hex Bolt/14mm Hex Peg Bolt, 10mm-14mm Hex Bolts, 10mm-14mm Hex Peg Bolts
  • Brand: Profile Racing
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