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Outboard Euro Bottom Bracket Set

RRP £60.28

Shell Width
Outboard Bearing Bottom Bracket kit for Profile Race cranks. Outboard Bearings are larger, stiffer, smoother, and more durable that our existing Euro bottom bracket.

Installation information. Installs with Park BBT-9 The Outboard bottom bracket kit includes two shims (.030" and .015"). The shims may need to be installed if bottom bracket width exceeds 68mm. These shims ensure that the outboard sealed bearings come in contact with the inner aluminum tube spacer. The bottom bracket will not function properly if this is not done. All bottom bracket widths vary due to paint, machining, anodizing, etc. Add shims inside of bearings along with tube spacer as needed.

Technical Information

  • Brand: Profile Racing
  • Colour: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Polished, Purple, Red
  • Shell Width: 100mm, 68mm (Most common), 73mm, 78mm
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