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Totem 10mm Cassette Hub


Bolt Options
Drive Side
Driver Material
Driver Size
The Profile Totem Hub is the next step in the evolution of Profile's famous Mini Hub, featuring smooth hub shells, matching cones and matching bolt-head covers. The Totem Hub's internals are exactly the same as the those of the Mini.

The Totem rear hub weighs almost the same as the Mini rear.
  • Totem Rear Hubshell: 3.0 oz/ 86g
  • Mini Rear Hubshell: 3.1 oz/ 88g

Totem Rear Hubs:

3/8 CrMo bolts with CrMo 9t driver: 12.9oz / 367g
3/8 CrMo bolts with Ti 9t driver: 12.1oz / 344g
3/8 Ti bolts with CrMo 9t driver: 12.05oz / 343g
3/8 Ti bolts with Ti 9t driver: 11.25oz / 320g

    Technical information

    • Bolt Options: 10mm Allen Bolts with 14mm Adaptor, 10mm Allen Bolts with Volcano Washers, 10mm Button Bolts, 10mm Button Bolts Titanium, 10mm Hex Bolts, 10mm Titanium Allen Bolts with Volcano Washers, 10mm-14mm Button Bolt/14mm Button Peg Bolt, 10mm-14mm Button Bolts, 10mm-14mm Button Bolts Titanium, 10mm-14mm Button Peg Bolts, 10mm-14mm Hex Bolt/14mm Hex Peg Bolt, 10mm-14mm Hex Bolts, 10mm-14mm Hex Peg Bolts
    • Brand: Profile Racing
    • Colour: Black, Gun Metal Silver, Red
    • Drive Side: LHD, RHD
    • Driver Material: Aluminium (12t-18t), Chromo, Titanium
    • Driver Size: 10t, 11t, 12t, 13t, 14t, 15t, 16t, 17t, 18t, 9t
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