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Front Hub Guard

RRP £17.14

Details on the Madera C4 Front Hub Guard:

Material: CNC Machined Delrin. 

Works with Madera Pilot front hubs as well as Profile Elite, Totem, and Mini front hubs.

Works only with Madera/Profile Knurled cones (which have been standard on all hubs since mid 2014). Will not work with the older style, all aluminium front hub cones. 
You can buy an adaptable cone below if you don't have one.

Slides over the hub cone, and will sit taught against your fork and hub cone when the wheel is tightened down.
See here for fitting:

Black Only 

Note: Plastic wears faster than aluminium, especially when used on very rough surfaces. 

Made in the USA!

Technical information

  • Brand: Madera
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