Installing the Profile Drive Side Hubguard


Installing the Profile Drive Side Hub guard is very easy.

It will fit Profile 14mm Mini and Totem hubs, as well as Madera V2 14mm hubs. It will only work with 9 and 10 tooth drivers. We have them available in left or right hand drive.


Start out by bolting the non-drive side of your hub to the outside of your frame dropout. It doesn’t really matter which side of the frame you bolt it to, as long as it’s the non-drive side.


Remove the drive side axle nut, and then loosen and remove the drive side locknut.


Slide the Drive Side Hub Guard into place, and then loosen the axle nut and remove the wheel from the frame.


Put the wheel back in your frame with the chain on your driver. Make sure the anti-rotation nub is in your axle slot as you tighten your axle nuts down.

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