Profile Racing at Interbike 2014

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Profile Racing's latest products were on show
at Interbike 2014.  


New products for 2015


Stand out new products for 2015 are more limited colourways. Limited colours are going to be available in even smaller batches than in the past.

This 'Winged P' logo wrap will be available next year in Hubsets and possibly stems and sprockets. 

(Thanks to @jaredeberwin for the pic)

interbike-1 2014

Freecoaster hub from Profile Racing


The other stand out product is the long awaited Freecoaster hub from Profile Racing. It’s named the 'Z' Coaster because of the shape of an internal part. This is a fully adjustable freecoaster with a twist that, when a spacer is removed in switches to a cassette hubs.  So it is a freecoaster and cassette hub all in one, we are very excited about this. 

(Thanks to www.bmxunion.com for the pic)

interbike-2 2014

For more info see this short video from Vitalbmx.com

Link to site: http://www.vitalbmx.com/videos/features/Interbike-2014-Profile,55956/kylecarlson,363

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